I Can See The Light!

For years my days were scheduled around feeds, nap times, nappy changes etc. Our kids are now 5 and 7 years old. They now both sleep a full twelve hours through the night without waking!. They now both sleep without nappies or have any ‘accidents’ in bed. They now both dress themselves for school and feed themselves at the dinner table without assistance required. They now both shower themselves, go to the toilet themselves and brush their own teeth. So you see, I can see the light!

Life is indeed becoming easier for my husband and I, as our two kids have now passed the baby, toddler and pre-schooler ages, and are now two independent school-aged children, who love to do things for themselves. In fact, they thrive on being able to show us how well they can do daily tasks on their own (and we love to see it!).

Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely loved being a mum of little ones. I loved being pregnant and loved having a baby in the house. Sometimes I do miss having a little teeny baby in our home and I do miss the miraculous feeling of a human moving inside my tummy. I had always wanted four children. I grew up in a family of six, and loved having three siblings to play with. Our house was always fun, loud and busy.. and I loved it.

When I hold someone else’s baby, I always get extremely ‘clucky’. I’m only 35, I think. I could easily have another baby. I toy with the idea for a bit. Hmmm that would be nice… Then I tell myself to snap out of it! Life is so easy now! Going back to do that all over again; the two-hourly feeds through the night, the constant nappy changes. No, I’m just not going there again. Now I just have my dose of baby cuddles with my friends’ babies, and then I can hand the little bundle of joy back to his/her mum once the crying starts :).

My daughter was born five weeks early. She was a tiny, skinny little 2.5kg baby and now she is such a little lady. She is the tallest in her class and growing up so fast. At 7 she can now read, write and speak both Dutch and English. It is so wonderful watching her grow and develop into the bubbly, friendly and caring girl that she is. Our son was always a mama’s boy and I still get plenty of hugs, but now that he is getting a little older, he is more interested in playing outside with his mates on their bikes or with a soccer ball. He does however, love to help me cook dinner and sets the table for me every night. We are so extremely content with our two happy and healthy children.

I can finally say that I am no longer sleep deprived ..and I am loving it.



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3 thoughts on “I Can See The Light!

  1. Treasure your children and enjoy them while they are young, because they grow way too quick and then they move on! Miss you all very much. XX


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