My fascination with the Dutch skies

I grew up in an area of Australia were blue skies were a given. They were expected. Then I moved to the Netherlands, where the weather and therefore the cloud formations were constantly changing. This became a fascination of mine. I was constantly looking up and admiring the clouds above me. Never before had I seen such wonderful and interesting clouds and I found myself constantly taking photos of the sky and the clouds that quickly changed before my eyes.

Holland may not be known for its beautiful weather, but it is known for its beautiful skies. I can see how these clouds were the inspiration for many Dutch painters in the past. Suddenly I was noticing that there were so many different types of clouds; the low lying, flat clouds, the fluffy, cauliflower look-a-like clouds, the high, wispy clouds, and of course the dark stormy clouds that promised rain. Due to the gusty coastal winds, the amazing storm clouds disappear just as quickly as they arrive.

This forever changing backdrop seems to make the already stunning Dutch landscape that much more interesting.

Someone who shares my fascination of the Dutch skies and landscapes is Rich Theemling from Holland Photography. He always manages to capture the beauty in this wonderful little country that we now call home.

Here are a few examples;






So next time you are out and about discovering the Netherlands and all it has to offer, don’t forget to look up and admire the view, for it is constantly changing and always interesting.


Not a bad spot to relax and watch the clouds roll by @ De Haar Castle


Special thanks to Rich Theemling from Holland Photography for allowing me to share his wonderful images of the Netherlands. Rich captures the best of Holland in his photos and will make you fall in love with this country all over again. More of his photography work can be found on his Facebook page, Holland Photography.


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