The bitter-sweet truth to calling home

When you get homesick, you really get homesick. You literally can’t do anything but wait until it passes… and sometimes calling home just makes it worse.

I must admit, I call home less often to avoid that inevitable feeling of sadness I experience afterwards. I love my parents so much, but now in addition to the guilt I feel for leaving them, there is guilt for not calling more frequently. I call on average about once a month. I know its not often enough. The honest truth is, speaking to them is always bitter-sweet. I enjoy every moment of it, but at the same time, it reminds me just how much I miss them.

Consequently, rather than call more often as I should, I end up calling less frequently to avoid the overwhelming sadness that follows the moment the conversation ends. This sadness no doubt stems from the disconnection and loss I feel due to the fact that my entire family are on the other side of the world. Over the past five years, I have only been able to get back home once and I guess that is taking it’s toll. I miss them all so much it hurts. But it was my choice to leave and I need to find a way to deal with these feelings.

So in order to feel less disconnected, maybe I should bite the bullet and call home more often. Will this be the solution to easing the twelve hours of depression that always follows a phone call back home? How often do you call home? Do you feel better or worse afterwards?



2 thoughts on “The bitter-sweet truth to calling home

  1. I find it really challenging to call home as well, I always feel upset afterwards, and I can absolutely relate to the combines guilt of loving so far from home (with the kids!) as well as the guilt for not calling often enough.
    I admit, I’m lucky, getting to travel home once a year, but it is always so hard to leave, knowing it will be a long time before we see each other again.
    I wouldnt trade these trips though, so yes, if you can, try and get home for a visit!
    Homesickness bites, I hope you get to see your family soon xxx

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  2. Both my parents emigrated to Australia in the 1950’s, they got their first phone in 1969; it was a time when overseas calls had to be booked in advance and 3 minutes cost a small fortune. Neither of them got home to see family after 1960 and both missed their parents deaths. I think a tiny part of both of them never really recovered. No matter how sad you feel at hanging up, it could be so much worse… They miss you, you miss them, make the calls more often x


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