Ik Hou Van Holland

‘Ik Hou Van Holland’ is a Dutch game show (which translates to ‘I love Holland’) broadcasted on RTL4 during prime time on Saturday nights. Let me tell you why watching Ik Hou Van Holland is particularly great for anyone learning the Dutch language. Not only will your language skills grow, but you will be laughing your head off along the way. The show celebrates all things typically Dutch. Granted the games are a little corny at times, but I love it, and so do millions of other viewers each week.

The show tests Dutch celebrities on their knowledge of the Netherlands in a fun and entertaining way. There are two teams on the show (the orange team and the red, white and blue team), captained by the same two people every week (Jeroen van Koningsbrugge and Guus Meeuwis).

Each episode, new well-known celebrities join each team. The goal is to win as many points as possible by answering questions about Dutch culture, Dutch artists, tv shows, the Dutch language of course (spelling difficult words etc.) and much more. If you are preparing to take the inburgering examen (civil integration exams), this program would be particularly helpful. You will learn so much more about this country than you thought possible, and in a fun way!

But it is not just your typical quiz show. The questions and games are asked and played in such a hilarious way, which is why this program is so successful and has been aired on Dutch tv since 2008, with 12 seasons so far. Most episodes have more than 2 million viewers, and it is therefore, the most watched show on Saturday nights. The lovely Linda de Mol presents the show and her laughter is contagious.


You can watch some of the highlights or full episodes here. Ik Hou Van Holland also has an official Facebook page, so you could also head over there and like their page for more fun and interesting facts about the Netherlands. The show has their summer break at the moment, but they will be back with more episodes soon. So the next time you are home on a Saturday night, switch the tv over to RTL4 and check it out. You will laugh and you will learn.



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