Kies voor Sport

I have recently become aware of a wonderful sports program for kids, organised by our local gemeente (municipality). ‘Kies Voor Sport‘ (Choose for Sport) is a program that promotes and encourages children to try out as many different sports as possible throughout the school year for a very affordable rate!

This project is open to all students from groep 3 t/m 8 (grades 1-6) within the municipality of Maassluis. At the beginning of each school year, a program is distributed to all families via the local elementary schools. Dozens of different sports are listed in the program on various days and times, and children can look through and choose what sport they would like to try. Parents may then sign up their children for a maximum of three introductory sports courses (5 lessons) each. Best of all, the program is funded by our local municipality, which means that children can join an introductory sports course for an average of just 3 euros per course!  Just 3 euros for five lessons! You can’t beat that.

The project is designed and coordinated by the sports clubs within the municipality. It promotes healthy lifestyle choices to the children, and at the same time, it offers the sports clubs an opportunity to recruit new members. Which means that all local clubs are more than willing to participate! Every year, the sports clubs and gyms in Maassluis provide a fabulous and extensive range from football to yoga, street dance to kickboxing, snorkelling to squash!

Kies voor Sport is a unique opportunity for children to experience sports which they may not have had the chance to try yet. Due to the affordability of each sport course, the program helps parents financially to enable their children to take part in various local sports clubs throughout the year. Inevitably, this program helps students to see how much fun sports and exercise can be! It also helps children to meet new sport friends, and to decide which sports and which local sports clubs they would perhaps like to continue with afterwards.

These days, our children are surrounded by technology. We need to do all we can to promote outdoor activities and exercise. Kies voor Sport is such a fabulous local initiative and I hope other municipalities follow suit to enable as many children as possible to make the most of this wonderful opportunity!

If you are aware of similar sports programs in other areas which are also funded by the local gemeente, I’d love to hear from you. I am very curious if this is unique to our area only, or if it is common throughout the Netherlands.



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