Amsterdam and the ‘9 Straatjes’

I recently discovered a new side to Amsterdam that I had not seen before. Everyone who has been to Amsterdam has seen the Dam square, main shopping strip and the red light district. But if you walk a little further out, you may  be lucky enough to stumble upon one of the negen straatjes, or nine streets.

Just south of the Anne Frank house, you can find the 9 straatjes which run between two of the main canals of Amsterdam, the Singel and the Prinsengracht. Each little street is clearly marked on each street sign.



I spent a fabulous day wandering from one street to the next, admiring all of the cosy little fashion shops, designer boutique shops, and art galleries. There are also endless amounts of super cosy cafes and restaurants to stop at along the way.




Another great area of Amsterdam to explore if you love antiques like I do, just south of the 9 straatjes, is the Spiegelgraght. Go for a walk along the Nieuwe Spiegelstraat. The antique stores and art galleries along this street were amazing!




In the heart of the Spiegelkwartier, (the antique quarter) you can find a fabulous little store called ‘Spiegel‘; 100% of their products are designed in the Netherlands and most are even made here. A great place to buy some really fantastic gifts!


So the next time you visit Amsterdam, head over to the quaint and quirky streets that form the city’s most photogenic micro-neighbourhood, de negen straatjes. This special area of Amsterdam is bursting with vintage and designer shopping, speciality stores and cosy cafés that will not disappoint even the most experienced shopper.


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