Ships in the Port of Rotterdam

Did you know that the Rotterdam harbour is actually the largest port in Europe, stretching over a distance of 40 kilometres? From 1962 until 2004 it was also the world’s busiest port, now overtaken by Singapore and then Shanghai.

Not only is it one of the busiest and biggest container ports, but the port of Rotterdam is also a very popular cruising destination, with several ships visiting on a regular basis throughout the cruising season.

Between April and October 2017, you will regularly see ships such as the Aida Prima (the one with the giant red lips), the MS Rotterdam from Holland American Line, and the Queen Elizabeth from Cunard cruising in and out of Rotterdam, plus many more!


Love to travel, but hate to fly? Cruising could be the perfect solution and here are a few examples of the possibilities from Rotterdam in 2017!

-This Summer, the city of Rotterdam can look forward to the arrival of the Queen Elizabeth from Cunard. The Queen Elizabeth will make several 14 day cruises from Rotterdam to the British Isles, then back to Rotterdam.

-HAL offer various 7, 14 and 21 day cruises on the MS Rotterdam, that include ports of call in Norway, Iceland, Greenland and Scotland. Most of the itineraries for the MS Rotterdam this spring and summer begin and end in Rotterdam.

-The AIDA prima runs 7 day cruises from and two Rotterdam, visiting Hamburg, Brussels, Paris and Southampton.

Temping hey?!



However, you do not necessarily need to go on a cruise to enjoy the ships coming in and out of Rotterdam. Just as we love to do, find a nice spot along side the nieuwe waterweg and simply enjoy the view. You can check out the anticipated arrival and departure dates and times here on Rotterdam’s Cruise Calendar:



Enjoy the upcoming 2017 cruising season!



3 thoughts on “Ships in the Port of Rotterdam

    1. Thank you so much Jan. How often do you get back to Australia these days? Its can be so hard when you love two countries equally. Shame these two countries we love so much aren’t closer in proximity!


      1. I go there every 2 years, still have friends and family there. I’ve seen so much there. East coast, central Australia, the north and north east, up to Cook Town. Grew up in Adelaide. Love sharing these experiences but few of my friends have been there …..too far and too expensive. Even have a new bond there….a small Oz pension.Have a huge collection of photo’s. Should you liketo stay intouch Dutch would be ok as well.


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