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Welcome to my blog, ‘Kristen in Clogland’. I am a Dutch-Australian dual national, who was born in Australia and is now settled in the Netherlands with my two children (who are also dual-nationals).

After writing my first piece, ‘Australia vs. The Netherlands‘ in 2015 which was featured on the Dutch Australian website, it was suggested that I start a blog. At first I laughed it off, but after further thought, I have decided that it will be a great way for me to express myself. By sharing my thoughts, ideas and experiences with others, inevitably I hope to become a better person and a better writer. January 2016 was a huge month for me. I began this blog, wrote and published a dozen posts, and my article about exploring the Netherlands with kids, ‘A Little Country With So Much to Offer’ was also published on the Rotterdam Parents website.

My blog also caught the attention of the Australian Embassy in the Netherlands. They contacted me for an interview to talk about my connection with both Australia and the Netherlands; you can read that interview here.

I hope you enjoy my posts, which I have written from the heart. They are open and honest, and if in any way they inspire, reassure or inform you, then I am happy.

Happy Reading!


A special thank you to Jacqui Barker Photography for allowing me to use her beautiful kangaroo image as the banner for this blog and to Katinka Tromp Photography for taking the portrait photos of me which are featured throughout my posts.