Our Journey to de Kaag

Today was Heemelvaartsdag (the Ascension public holiday) and it also just so happened to be a lovely 25+ degrees Celsius; the sun was shining and not a single cloud was to be seen. Rather than head to the beach, we decided to head to our boat.

Today we pushed the boundaries as far as distance is concerned. We travelled further than we have ever travelled in the boat, in one day, with the kids. Our goal was to reach de Kaag, a large lake area about 30 minutes North of Leiden. We left our marina at 10am and didn’t return back until 10pm!! 12 hours on the water!

Our big day out took us to Schipluiden, Delft, through the Leidschendam lock, Voorschoten, Leiden, Leiderdorp and finally, we arrived at the beautiful Kaag lakes (Kagerplassen). The Kaag Lakes are a popular area for boating, watersports, fishing, camping and walking. Windmills, waterfront pasture land with grazing animals, beaches, boats and flower fields are all part of the charm of boating in this area. Once we arrived, the kids had a swim, we all had an ice cream, and then we cruised around the lakes for an hour or so, just taking it all in. We then began the five hour picturesque journey back home again.

What a day it was! We enjoyed every minute of it. In this case, I think pictures may say more than words, so here are a few photos from our journey to de Kaag and back!





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